We provide a safe place where people with chronic pain can support one another, develop friendships, share ideas and thoughts, obtain information about their condition from professionals and each other, and learn coping skills in a nonjudgmental and caring atmosphere.

We meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month in the Hospitality Room of The Pines in Ocean Park, Maine.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Chronic pain series in the Portland Press Herald
The Portland Press Herald is running a three-part series on chronic pain. Links to the articles are below:

Monday: After foot amputated, relief and high hopes

Sunday:Chronic pain, drastic decision: Elisha's Choice

Group featured on National Public Radio program
The Chronic Pain Support Group was featured in a HumanKind radio show recently. Listen to a clip from the show.

Evelyn: (207) 937-5020
Jane: (207) 934-4189
Email: supportgroup@gwi.net
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Topic: Chronic pain series in the Portland Press Herald
The Portand Press Herald is running a three part series on chronic pain.